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Take Control Of Your Business

Take Control Of Your Business

Are you on eMarketsafe? Are you using it to market your business and services?

If you are not, you should be. Emarketsafe is a fantastic place to reach out to potential clients, stay in contact with current clients and make connections with peers in your industry.  Building a relationship with your clients increases your profits and benefits you.  We have a business services section under categories where people like yourself are putting themselves out there.   Attention is key.   Here are some tips on marketing your business.

1.    Search For Your Clients.

After you are logged in to Emarketsafe. Go to the search bar and type in the specific category you belong too and connect yourself with others who are promoting their brand as well.  Connections are a great way to get known.

2.    Send a note along with your connection request.

Whenever you send a note requesting to connect with a prospective client (or anyone), it is polite to include a note. It does not have to belong, in fact, the character limit is 300.  This is an opportunity to make a first impression and introduce yourself.  Failure to send a note increases the likelihood that your request will be ignored.  Keep it simple, with something like:

“Hello, John Doe,

My name is Jane Smith. I came across your profile and would love to connect. I see you are passionate about marketing and branding.

Thank you,

Emarketsafe has a great chat system in place where you can connect yourself at real time.

3.    After connecting, follow up with an e-mail.

After your connection is accepted, go back to their Emarketsafe profile and connect with them.  You can find this at the top of their page as “See contact info”.   Then add their information to your database as a potential client or connection.

Do a little more research on your prospect, look at the company website and get a feel for their work.  Write a short and thoughtful note thanking them for connecting them and telling them about your services.  This is about building a relationship, not making a hard sell with one e-mail.  Give a brief run-down of what you do and drop a link to your website so they can get more information.  We have a YouTube link as well if the business has videos based around their services.

4.    Share content.

Follow companies you want to work with, influencers in your industry and your growing connections list.  Scroll through your profile daily and share the successes of your prospects!  Comment on articles and get involved in conversations.  Emarketsafe has a great set up where you can add a business to your favorites list and follow their journey.

5.    Stay in touch.

Staying in touch is key for your businesses success whether your a realtor or contractor.

Emarketsafe is a valuable resource for connecting with your target audience. When used correctly, it can help you grow your business and become an influential voice in your industry. Remember you are creating and building relationships, not going for a hard sell with every post!

We are working towards not only having a business services category but an actual section dedicated to businesses.  Promoting your business and services here at Emarketsafe is the right choice and beneficial to the success of your business.

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