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Shopping Smart

Shopping Smart

More money, the better.

I have learned over the years that shopping smart will save you and your family money.  Time is everything in life, but If you shop at more than 1 store, you can save your family thousands every year.  In fact, I have done the math shopping at 1 store all month vs 4 or even 5 stores and have noticed a huge difference in savings.   Sure, it’s an extra 30 minutes of your day, but to me saving thousands of dollars on items i buy anyways for 30 minutes of my time is time well spent.  I read flyers every week and i have excellent knowledge in costs of items and products to a point where i know what’s a good deal or not.   If you go to google and type in the store, flyer and the word Canucks you will be able to view flyers on a weekly basis.  EXAMPLE ( Safeway flyer Canucks ) and it will show up.  Click on the appropriate date and view all.  Also, buying specific items on certain dates can get you some points which turns into credit you can use towards groceries.  I have noticed that shopping at Superstore has saved my family and I lots of money vs the more expensive stores like a Safeway or a Save on Foods where their pricing can be a bit more.  I would like to share some tips as well when it comes to shopping by phone and ordering online which has become a popular way to save money and time.

Tips for smart shopping by phone or mail

Shopping by phone or mail can be a convenient and satisfactory way to shop for goods. Many marketers provide toll-free ordering and quick delivery. However, as with any type of transaction, there are still things you should keep in mind.

When ordering:

  • Shop around and compare costs and services.
  • Deal only with companies or charities whose reputation and integrity are known.
  • Don’t be pressured into acting immediately or without the full information you need.
  • Before ordering, check the company’s return policy.
  • Always keep a record of the name, address and phone number of the company, goods you ordered, date of your purchase, amount you paid (including shipping and handling), and method of payment.
  • Never give out your credit card number or personal, financial or employment information unless you know with whom you are dealing.
  • Keep a record of any delivery that was promised.
  • If you are told that the shipment will be delayed, write the date of that notice in your records and the new shipping date, if you’ve agreed to wait longer.
  • If merchandise is damaged, contact the company immediately. If you’re asked to return it, get a receipt from the shipper.
  • Report all fraudulent activity to your local authorities.

Eat better, save more and be smart.   I want to be able to help others in every buying and selling regard even something as simple and important as grocery shopping.  Emarketsafe has many years of experience in the buying field in all aspects and we will continue to provide tips to save you and your family money.

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