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How eMarketsafe Came To Life

How eMarketsafe Came To Life

How Emarketsafe Came To Life

Hello.  I wanted to write this because I feel it is important to share.  So, How did the idea of eMarketsafe Come To Life??.  Let me start from the beginning.  When I was younger I used to go to Flea Markets every weekend.

I used to start buying stuff at a very young age from hockey cards to Pogs to Nintendo games.  It was one of my favorite places as a kid.  They also had a great place to have some lunch.  Then as a kid, I used to read the flyers all the time and go grocery shopping with my grandma to Save On Foods.  I used to compare prices in the flyers and even guide my grandmother to the right stores for the items she had written on the fridge to save her some money.   Math was one of my strong suits.  I used to calculate as we went through the store how much it would cost and a few times got pretty close.  Never right but close enough.  I mean in those days we didn’t carry around a calculator.  It was all calculated in your mind.

Then in my teens, I used to help my family buy and sell items in the newspaper.  It all started at a young age.  Buying and selling is everything in life.  We all buy and we all sell whether you’re a student looking to sell something to earn extra tuition or a senior looking to put some extra food on the table.  It’s an everyday lifestyle.  Some more than others.

As I got into my early 20’s I always overheard something negative surrounding buy and sell.  From theft to somebody promising to meet but never showing.  Anytime I ever talked to somebody about buy and sell it was always negative feedback.  Of course, there’s positive feedback too.  Buy & Sell isn’t all bad.  But a lot of people don’t realize how bad it really is.  The internet is a place where somebody can create a fake email and a fake profile nowadays especially on craigslist and other online buying and selling services.

I am the administrator of several bidding and buy and sell groups on Facebook.  They were looking for somebody to step in and volunteer they’re time to accept and deny ads as well as control the disrespect which was a common thing online.  People have a right to free speech but sometimes that free speech is ignorant and uncalled for.  I took over.   Every day I have people report no shows, ignorance, and theft.  I couldn’t believe some of the stories from ladies having their purses snatched to people having their cell phones stolen.  I never realized how bad it was until this has continued to happen daily.  I don’t even approve those who have created a new account because I’m not confident if the profile is real or not.  I have gotten very experienced in this field.  My judgment has reduced the amount of no shows and also thefts.  But you can’t stop it.  Why can’t you stop it?  Well, it’s very simple.   Online you can create a fake profile, fake email, fake picture, fake everything and a lot of criminals or bad people use that as a way to you to meet them and then they do what they please with their prey.  In fact, it happens so much that even the RCMP has created a safe meet up place at their operation to make people feel safe.

What can you change?  Well.  You can change the system which we have done to ensure you won’t deal with the fake emails or fake profiles.  We have systems in place and experts who know what it takes to have a smooth buying and selling experience.

This is how eMarketsafe came to life.   I needed to create a place where this didn’t happen or at least reduce it enough where people felt safe buying and selling.  Buying and selling should be fun and safe.  It shouldn’t be an easy target for those who don’t care about you or themselves.  1 year later and with all the testing we have done.

We are confident you will have a better buying and selling experience here at eMarketsafe.  I am living proof with my experiences that I know what it takes to get the job done and change the way you buy and sell.   Thank You

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