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  • How Do I Sign Up?

    You click on post ad on the top right or register. Make a personalized account, choose your plan and start making money.

  • How Do I Contact Customer Service?

    We take customer service very serious. We have two options. We have a live chat button you can click on and connect yourselves with buying and selling experts who are waiting to answer your questions. You can also email us and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • What Is The Difference Between A Featured Ad And A Simple Ad?

    When you select a plan you have a certain number of featured ads. When your ready to post. Click on feature my ad and it will bump your ad to the top of the main page and also get you more attention then just a regular ad. We also have it set up in the back end so your ads will appear randomly like free advertisement for your item or service for sale. When you register with us you will have unlimited simple ads.

  • Where is a good place to meet somebody?

    Meet somebody where you feel comfortable. We created this site so you could have a great experience meeting others who just want a fun and safe way to buy and sell their items. For anything expensive. I would suggest a police station, public place like a bank or mall.

  • What if the person i meet doesn't show up?

    Wasting time isn't fun nor fair for anybody. Sometimes things happen. We have a system in play where we can help contact the buyer and see what happened. In our terms and conditions we have added some key notes based around this sort of thing. Things happen in life sometimes. You can always click the report ad button as well or contact customer service.

  • What if i want to advertise my business on the site?

    We support all businesses. We believe that your services are important. If you are looking for advertisement we do have some spots reserved throughout our site but we do ask you contact customer service first.

  • Why eMarketsafe vs others?

    Well, we are experts in the buying and selling field. For many years we have learned the essence of buying and selling. We put of all our great ideas into one platform where users can feel safe, have fun and get top dollar for your goods. We also have an excellent live chat system in play where we are willing to help you with descriptions, value of your goods and also answer of your questions. No more weirdos, fake profiles, emails only. We have figured out a way to have a proper buying and selling experience for all users.

  • What if i have a coupon code?

    We will be doing many promotions and buying and selling parties locally where you can meet other great people and discuss your safe buying and selling experiences and we will be doing handouts of coupons as well as on social media. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

  • I want to know the value of my item.. can you help?

    Of course. We are here for all members. We can show you how to get top dollar for your goods and also give you tips anytime you want.

  • How do i find you guys on social media?

    You can follow the links on the bottom of the page by clicking on the icons or you can enter emarketsafe as well through your social media pages. Like, follow & subscribe.