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Treat People The Way You Want To Be Treated

Treat People The Way You Want To Be Treated


I wanted to write something important.   Respect.   Things have changed.

Respect is very much an “eye of the beholder” concept. What one person sees as respectful could be interpreted as disrespectful by another, and vice versa. So if someone behaves as you believe people should behave, that’s a show of respect. If someone violates your expectations in ways you dislike, you may interpret that as a sign of disrespect. And from your perspective, you’d always be right.  It shocks me.  I was always raised old school.  Treat people the way you want to be treated.   Some people live in a world where everything is their way or the highway even if it means being ignorant.  By these definitions I could label myself as either highly respectful or highly disrespectful. On the one hand, I definitely pay attention to other people’s beliefs. I certainly don’t ignore how others think, feel, and behave. I often like to delve into someone’s beliefs when I’m getting to know them. So in that sense, I’m very respectful. I consciously observe.

The online world is full of disrespect.  I have been running several bidding groups with over 30,000 people and it shocks me how people are quick to judge and be rude to each other over a computer.  Who is there for you at the end of the day?  Facebook doesn’t care if you get ripped off, craigslist doesn’t care if those tickets you purchased were not real and it’s shocking we put our trust in the hands of such a huge brand.  Money.  Money is king in the eyes of the beholder.   Nobody cares.  But I care.  I am sick and tired of seeing people be a victim of theft and disrespect.  It’s none of my business but it is now.  I created Emarketsafe based on my feelings towards online buying and selling systems that were set up to fail.  Money before respect.   Things have changed when it comes to business.  We are not here to tell you what to do or how to buy and sell.  We are simply showing you respect and providing you the neccessary tools and systems in place to provide you the best buying and selling experience.  I volunteer my time daily to help others out because i care.  That is what Emarketsafe is all about.   Being there for those who want to buy and sell in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Buying and selling should be a respectful experience, a benefit.   As an example.  I am interested in your product you are selling.  I will pay you what you want for it.  I will meet you where we arranged and the deal happens.  No run around or person playing games.  Here at eMarketsafe we thrive everyday to change the way you buy and sell.  Be respected, not disrespected.   Together on this journey we can change the way you buy and sell and make you feel comfortable.  So ask yourself.  Do you want to be disrespected or respected.

We are your buying and selling headquarters!!!

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